Give the option to download DevForum

Hey! why not really allow you to download DevForum? currently there, but it doesn’t work

I don’t know if here or #forum-feedback:forum-bugs

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All it does is make a shortcut for it on your device that opens up the website, it’s not technically an app.

Yes, but it doesn’t create it, that’s the problem.

When you tap on it it just doesn’t work ?

Are you sure you didn’t do it already? Because like I said all it is is a shortcut for the website.

But it may only work on computers, since when i did it it worked on my machine, and i get the option to open it using the “app”


and it may be unnecessary for mobile users since they can already create shortcuts for websites on the home page.

So this may be a ux issue, not a bug.

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Thanks! for mobile just hold it down! and now I have the DevForum app, finally!