Give us data on purchases that did not go through

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to know the extent to which developer product PurchaseReceipts fail, and the player is refunded. As far as I know as a developer, 90% of my ProcessRecipe callbacks could be failing and I could be unknowingly missing out on 90% of my revenue.

If we were able to view statistics or an extra entry of amount of returned purchases in the revenue page, it would allow developers to investigate and fix the problem much more easily.


hmmmmm I’ve never thought about this before, but now that it’s presented to me it could make a world’s difference

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I’m not against Roblox supplying this data, but it feels like what we can do with our own recorded data is a lot more efficient. All Roblox can do is log failed attempts vs successful attempts, with no context. Logging this data ourselves would come with anything Roblox can give us, plus context. It can be important to know why an attempt failed.

But again this would still be nice. Just worth noting we can already make this info available to ourselves.

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As far as I know there’s no reliable way to record if a developer product purchase fails and is refunded.

Having statistics for failed purchases, and more detailed transaction logs/stats in general, would be very helpful.


I forgot that we won’t know if it gets refunded or succeeds in the future in our own data. That’s a good point.