Give us the ability to mark notifications as read

As a developer, it’s currently impossible to mark notifications as read. I don’t know about you, but this is pretty annoying for me.

The first one is a friend request and the other one is a game update.

This might be pretty annoying for some users, especially for famous developers that receive friend requests and messages all day long. In order to mark as read some notifications, we would have to press an “X” button that will be placed beside the notification. In order to mark as read all the notifications, we would have to press a single button.

Some of you may say that you can just disable some notifications directly from settings. However, many people that are just simple players may want to keep those notifications turned on.

If Roblox was able to address this issue, it would help me to focus on important notifications. I would also not be annoyed by them.

Thanks for reading my post and have a nice day!



I feel you man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, yes, just like how news messages can’t be marked as read, so can’t these pesky notifications! I am a person who likes to leave them on, so this is 2x worse. Plus, IDK if it’s just me, but some notifications fail to load:


I turned off my extensions, so it can’t be that. Plus, here’s what the tab title looks like:

image, the 22 is supposed to be the total number of unread notifications if the system was able to know when we read them!

In short, having that number next to my notifications icon makes me so tempted to click on them even though there aren’t new notifications, and it’ll just make new notifications more difficult to notice.


Well, I think that this number is for unread chat messages. I’ve got 2 “unread” notifications and no unread chat messages.

As you can see, there isn’t a (x) in the title of the tab.

In order to mark chat messages as read, you have to click them 2-3 times.

Also, yes, I use Opera GX and you should try it out, too

I was trying to find a way to mark them as read just yesterday. It is annoying.

I’m not going to accept/reject these friend requests.



Yes, I collect them too, xD. However, after a silent update, if you don’t accept or reject a friend request, it will not be marked as read until you decide what to do with that person, which is pretty annoying.

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I figured you were going to mention this, but yes I like to collect friend requests too image

Totally not a justified reason for wanting the notifs to go away but I really don’t want those notifications there


UPDATE: Indeed, this was probably a bug or the update was reverted. This post no longer has a use, since my request is fullfilled.


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