Give us the option to have our profile pictures looking straight or rotated

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to have my Roblox profile picture the way I want it.

I thought of sending this for a while, and I sat with it written, so I just decided to make the topic.
This is a fairly simple cosmetic change that I feel like a lot of people will disagree with, but I still feel like it would be helpful.
In late 2020-early 2021, Profile pictures started looking straight. They have looked at a slight angle since the start of Roblox, and now they just look straight, which looks bad.

I will place a poll here just to see what people think.

What way should profile pictures look?
  • Straight ahead (new)
  • Tilted angle (legacy)
  • A Slider to change the angle we look at

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different poll because I forgot
  • Let us choose with an option

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DM Responses

My response: (sent through DM to Abc)
I feel like that would be good

---i forget the exact name of the function
game.Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync(game.Players.DarkPixlz, Enum.ThumbnailSize.999x999, Enum.ThumbnailType.Bust, Enum.ThumbnailDirection.Legacy --[[Legacy (tilited), Forward (new), UserChoice, or a direct angle in degrees, returns an error if impossible]])

As there’s no way to keep everybody happy, I think there should be an option.

One lets you rotate it (like it used to be), and the other would let you look straight ahead.

I feel like this is probably going to receive a lot of “noooo!” messages, so I’m trying this out. If you think this shouldn’t happen and you have good reasoning, then please DM me :slight_smile:

Either that or we have a slider to change the direction that our character look at, as unlikely that it would be, it would be cool. I think that this has the highest probability of keeping everybody happy

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because we would all have a sense of customization to our profile pictures.


It’s something that it’s being worked on rn according to some prominent roblox leakers.


I saw that leak, but to be fair there isn’t any “Roblox Internal” watermark as there should be, and it’s emotes only, and as far as i know your head always tilts a little bit to the side with the emotes, I want it straight how it used to be.

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Now all rotated pfps are all gone due to the DevForum incident last night (they signed everybody out), so I feel like this could be a bit more important now.

I forgot to clarify this, but it means we would have a choice to look straight or tilted (legacy), with no slider to change the angle, because that would be a bit specific for somebody just looking for my pfp to look away again.

I think you’re confused – these are not actual “leaks” by people internal to the company. That RobloxTrackers account just looks for disabled code on the website / in the app / in Studio and tries to “hack” it to be enabled and then takes screenshots of it.

It’s definitely coming if that code has shipped with the app (in disabled state for now).


I wonder then if there could be a snap for the angle which characters could look at then, that would be nice. This would be an amazing change though, IF they let us not have an emote.

I also see what you mean, roblox is pretty badwith removing code or keeping it away lol

mainly because they never removed the ability to have a banner fully

and the Users page, they just deleted some code to make it error I think

Disabling banners is just a Discourse setting, so that’s on Discourse not Roblox if that doesn’t work properly.

Same here, also a Discourse setting.

Roblox ships code in disabled state and then turns it on/off with fflags or other configuration changes. This is normal and they do it so they can instantly turn on/off features. It doesn’t really hurt Roblox if the community digs around and finds things early – just goes to show the community is really passionate about the platform.

Either way, this is off-topic here, recommend starting a discussion elsewhere if you want to continue about above.


This was added with an option this october

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