Giving Exp To Parties

What is the best way to contribute exp amongst a party , should Exp be distributed Evenly , or should the amount of exp be based on the amount of damage the players do?

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Giving experience evenly could lead to high level players power leveling their friends. This means that the higher level player attacks the NPC and kills it while the other player sits back and relaxes. This could work better if you restrict experience being given to the lower level player if their levels are too far apart.

Giving it based on damage dealt would be ideal in my opinion. You would have to keep track of how much damage each player deals so when the NPC is killed, you can then do the math to give the proper experience.

I think this choice will be up to you, both are viable solutions but depends on what works better for your game or what you think is better than the other.

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I hadn’t thought about power leveling , thanks for the feedback