Giving people ROBUX for playing your game - an effective alternative for sponsorships?

Recently, I’ve seen how difficult it is to keep players in games, and sponsorships don’t always work properly as player count remains unstable. With some games that use the sponsored feature, I’ve seen player count go to around 400 players before dropping right back down to zero.

I’ve seen a new game called Hokui, where the aim of the game is to serve customers and earn points from doing it. Anyone can then use an automated bot in their Discord server to convert these “points” into “reward points”, a separate currency only used in the Discord server which can then be directly converted to Robux through an automated gamepass purchase.

Other cafe games like this also use automated tip features, where an NPC comes to a player’s counter, orders from them, then the game automatically purchases a gamepass from their inventory as a reward.

Are methods like these effective, noting that Hokui has a higher CCU than most other games of its genre, and that it provides a better incentive for people to play your game rather than wasting money on sponsored ads?


Hi! I’m a Manager at the group Hokui, and I wanted to add a little something. Ignore if this is awkward, I don’t really post on here.

I’ve only ever seen Hokui use this point to robux conversion method, but it defiantly works. The only other group I’ve seen do something similar, is Frappe. NPCs there can tip you, but there player count is still a way lower average then Hokuis’. I know a lot of groups have done some sort of a creator fund for making videos and getting so many views, which can defiantly raise the player count.

Hokui has has numerous videos get 100’s of thousands of views, in which most of the videos promote this new conversion system. This has lead to a overflow of Trainees trying to get Robux, and a mass increase of point cheaters. While this system is defiantly beneficial, you will need a system of preventing point cheating.

And the owners of Hokui are making a new group, Sprinklify; with the same system.

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