Giving Roblox A Great Sci-Fi Game: Hyperspace Devlog

New Spaceship Startup!


Exciting new features! The game is getting soundified!

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Okay, so I joined the game and please don’t take what I say to heart. It’s only constructive criticism to help you improve upon your game.

No clear objective
Upon joining, I was unsure as to what to do. There was no tutorial and no clear indicator of what I was supposed to do. When players join a game and don’t know what to do, they tend to leave very quickly.

Low quality elevator system
To say the least, the elevator system was very confusing and didn’t make much sense. Consider having the elevators actually move up and down?

2017 building style
The building in this game was not visually pleasing at all. It reminded me a lot of 2017 game building styles. If you are going for a more realistic style, I recommend redoing the building.

Poor flight mechanics
The space ship flight mechanics were very basic and not immersive at all. I don’t even think you can turn? Not very great

Again, please don’t take any of this to heart, it’s just my personal opinion and I hope this helps you bring improvement to your game.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Those are all great suggestions! If you watch the video above, you will see the Alpha content. It has better elevators, a better space station, WAAAYY better flight mechanics (WASD, not hold down your mouse to go in that direction), and a WHOLE lot more! Thanks so much and we would love to hear what you think about the video!


Loading Screen


Feedback on these Game Icons:

What do you guys think?


Saying it’s good would be disrespectful…
It’s the literal definition of great!

It looks so good!
Only thing is maybe outside the windows you could put the blackness of space with little white dots (stars)

How did you do that by the way?

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We used AI image generation for the basic concept. And we are going to touch it up a bit more. Which one is your favorite?


Okay, I like both of them, I like the first because it shows more equipment and it’s more suspenseful because if not seeing the face of the individual, and the sec don one because it reminds me of interstellar travel like in average Sci-Fi Movies

If you wanted to have a more suspenseful thumbnail I would go with the first, if you don’t want a suspenseful one go with the second
(I would say go with the first so people are more like:
“Wait who’s that? I want to find out”)


Korlak, The City Of Sand. Planet: Kliptor

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A cinematic view…

If anyone is interested in collaborating, we would appreciate your help!

This does for sure look good!
It is a little too little (pun-intended?) and it reminds me of Masyaf, Acres, Jerusalem and Damasc, from a certain game, and it looks really cool, I also have a few questions:
Will you add riddles, puzzles etc., it would be real cool
Will you make the planets big or small (kinda like Outer Wilds (great game btw if you like space and riddles/puzzles I suggest))
Will there be things like survival features or will it be more adventure-oriented?

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Yeah! We will have a lot of the things suggested. It will be more adventure oriented, but you still have to eat, so it has a bit of both.

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Sounds great! A good idea might be to simply allow the player to choose, much like Minecraft (creative etc.)

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Exactly! It is an open-world sandbox game!

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Oh, and by the way, Hyperspace has been rebranded to Orbit.

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Completely revamped GUI!!!

The GUI set designed by me:

I would love your feedback @Dede_4242 and anyone else interested!

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This game is not dead! We have been working hard ever since the last post. Boy, it has been a journey! After rebranding, we have decided to focus on our priorities a bit more. Instead of having 100 half-baked systems, we are focusing mostly on mining and exploration. Reply if anyone is interested in seeing some of our progress since, wow, 55 days ago!



Main post here

@Dede_4242 I would especially love your opinion, which has been so valuable to us!