Glass material seems to be bugged

Not exactly sure if this is the correct to post this (probably not), but as I didn’t find any better category for this, I’ll post it here for now.

I’ve lately noticed that the glass material seems to be bugged. Mainly, I’ve so far found 2 things about it.

First off, whenever I make a part and assign it the glass material, when I put a part next to it, there seems to be some inaccurate light bending or something. Looks as if the corner of the glass part was getting rendered in the wrong place.

Secondly, whenever you set the glass’s transparency above 1, some wacky stuff starts happening whenever the part is highlighted.

That’s about all I’ve found so far.


This is caused by glass’ shader overall buggy and your graphics being the maximum.

I’ve had this for months. Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature, but it’s certainly bothersome.

This has been a known feature for as long as I can remember glass being in roblox. Roblox has said that a lot of the issues with the way glass functions is due to limitations in the roblox engine or for performance reasons, but the 2nd one is a glitch

Also, the 2nd one is a good thing in my opinion since users have found creative ways to use it in builds to create realistic (although buggy and not perfect) reflections