Glass Smashing Effect

I am just wondering what the easiest way of smashing glass. I want it to turn into triangles. Anybody know?

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I would probably go into blender and create a glass triangle. I would then clone this glass triangle over and over again when the glass is punched or however you want it broken.

That’s probably the best way unless you can find a free model of a glass smashing effect.

Just make the window out of a lot of parts, join them with welds, and make a script that breaks the welds.

Depends what you’re using it for, Here’s a few mentions:

This is a pretty good way of doing it, however it requires a bit of setting up for each part, the results are good though.

You can use particle emitters also to emit triangle particles, This requires tweaking but once you get it right once, you can copy and paste it.

You can also just create some random wedges, position them evenly across the window / part. Then delete the part and unanchor all the wedges.

Or, The most complex way of doing it all, is by looking into convex hull decomposition, Creating a mesh from the triangles with the algorithm. Then unanchoring them (this is EXTREMELY complicated though)

Yes I understand but I want it to generate a different shape all the time

Try making a table of parts and selecting a random one from that table in a script for every cloned instance in a loop.

pretty good module, I’ve used it a lot.

edit: no idea why I replied to you, meant to reply to aviajxnny

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