Glassato - Code of Conduct

Glassato | Code Of Conduct

Here at Glassato, we’ve provided a list of rules that must be followed by all of our visitors and staff. Staff is required to imply and regulate these rules listed below. Our goal is to keep Glassato functional and appropriate for all visitors. Failure to comply with these rules will commence punishment.

General Code of Conduct

  1. Treat all members with respect regardless if you like them or not. Disrespect will not be permitted, it will result in a warning, and potential removal from the Glassato Discord server.

  1. Please do not wear any type of inappropriate, offensive, or any other unsuitable clothing within our community. There should be no inappropriate images or messages anywhere on your avatar. A shirt and pants are required to be worn at all times.

  1. Exploiting is not allowed at all within Glassato. Exploiting is against the Roblox ToS, and it will lead to a long-standing ban from our facilities. Too, bypassing will not be permitted.

  1. Trolling or any sort of disturbance within our group is not allowed. Furthermore, any type of racial slurs, comments, or suggestive actions will not be authorized.

  1. Advertising other groups, servers, or anything in common is strictly prohibited. If you’re caught advertising, please note that you will be banned with no warning given.

  1. Drama, arguments, or any toxicity towards someone will not be tolerated. Additionally, any sort of harassment towards a fellow member is not authorized.

  1. Spamming is not allowed within Glassato. If you’re caught spamming, you will be banned immediately.

  1. When you’re at the cafe, the max of items you can order is three. With that being said, please do not attempt to order more than the limit.

Staff Code Of Conduct

We’ve provided these rules strictly towards our staff team. All rules listed below and above must be obeyed. Failure to do so will result in a demotion or more critical.

At Glassato, each staff member has a responsibility they must follow. In this case, all Low-Ranks are expected to work behind the counter at all times. We should not see Low-Ranks supervising, as that is a task for our Middle-Ranks.

With that being said, all staff members should help us meet our goal of possessing the most inclusive and enjoyable environment possible. Us Executives understand that there may be several distractions, but when you are at Glassato it is demanded that you are contributing to the community.

All members of Glassato are required to show respect towards one another. This means we shouldn’t see you trolling, gossiping, saying offensive jokes, or disrespecting staff and fellow customers. Please try your best to not get involved, nor start drama.

We expect that when dealing with issues, you handle it in a proper, professional manner. This means that you are, forbidden from doing actions like being disrespectful and trolling, even in the most stressful situations.

Asking/Hinting for promotion will blacklist you from obtaining the next rank. Constantly asking for a position and not working hard for it will show us how immature and unprofessional you are. So, instead of hinting, you can be hard-working and social within the community.

If you’re a Beginner+, grammar is expected at all times while working at the cafe. All staff must use grammar at Glassato associated games. If you fail to use grammar, you’ll be warned. However, if you continue, you will be demoted to the Customer rank.

Admin abuse is not acceptable at Glassato. Admin commands should only be used to assure the cafe, and shouldn’t be abused. All Low-Ranks will be given the “give” command. Please only use this command to supply your customer with their requested items. Using this command for entertainment will result in a blacklist.