Glenticovuh - Graphic Designer (Outdated)

I’m a thirteen-y/o graphics designer, (self taught), and have been doing graphic design for almost 9 months.

  • I started designing as a small side-hobby in August of 2020, but now I’ve been able to make it more of a side-job, though it doesn’t pay much.
  • If you ever have any questions on my work, please contact me on discord, (Glenticova#8315), or twitter.

What programs and tools do you use?

Since I’ve started, I have found that using blender is immensely easy to use, and its free. UI is customizable, and so many things are acheivable with this software, like modeling, rigging, video editing, 3D and 2D animation, and more. For more info on blender, use youtube and the official website to get more in-depth.

I’ve also started to use pixlr, another free and simplistic website that focuses on editing photos and artwork. PSD (Photoshop), PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG, and other image formats are all supported by the editor. Templates are provided, or you can start from scratch.


Bitcoin Miner




Bacon Simulator

As of now, I will only be accepting robux payment, either through gamepass/t-shirt, or through group funds, (I would have to join the group two weeks before given details for the commission).

Price is determined by the average price, meaning some people figure it should be 1500 robux, and others disagree and say my works are worth 1100 robux; meaning that the price is around 1300 robux total, and is non-negotiable unless I allow the price to change based on quality of the work/lack of communication.

I will be able to cancel a commission after assets are already given, though I will not use your assets unless given permission. Reasons to cancel a commission include:

  • Lack of communication/ghosting
  • I cannot mentally handle it/causes me stress
  • If you demand or urge me to complete the commission
  • To many unnecessary details (rigging custom NPCs, models, or scenes)

If you’re looking to contact me to ask a question, I prefer it be on the Developer Forums or on Twitter. Please do not be rude or have an attitude, I am a human-being too. Any questions on other resources I use for my artwork are allowed, but please keep our conversations/discussion professional.

I am NOT available all times in the day. I run on EST time, (East Coast US), so I will probably not be awake at 5:10 am in England. I still have work during the day, not just graphic design and commissions.

If you pay before I start the commission, and I decline, I can pay you back, but you will recieve less than you paid in the first place because of the 30% tax on items such as gamepasses and t-shirts.


I commissioned him and it was amazing! The prices were great, and he got his work done on time! Very high quality thumbnails. I’d definitely recommend you guys to order from him! Keep it up bro :fire:


A great friend and amazing artist. Definitely consider commissioning him


THIS IS BRILLIANT WORK, I fully recommend him!


Contrast between price and quality is immeasurable, for a low price you’re getting art that’ll last a lifetime and contribute to your game in a massive way aesthetically. THIS DUDE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING! Don’t really need me to tell you, his portfolio speaks for itself. Huge attention to detail and with this guy you’ll never miss! Great art, exceptional prices. Hard vouch. :trophy:


Awesome work! I highly recommend ordering from him! :+1: