Glitch Project RPM

How many requests can I make to a glitch project per minute/second. Whats the current requests for glitch limit?

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The limit is 4000 request per hour, per app.

Find any more information on limits and restrictions here:

Thats on glitch’s side. Does roblox keep those restrictions or cut it down?

You’re expected to respect another platform’s API rate limits with your own systems. Roblox has their own restrictions which are only bound to HttpService and not respective of any other platform, that being 500 requests per minute. This information is available on HttpService’s page.

In an hour, you could use 30K HttpService requests total across any and all systems that require external calls. So, with this in mind, if Glitch has 4K requests/hour and Roblox can do 30K requests/hour, you’ll most definitely have to cut down on any frequent use cases.