Global badges, is it possible?

I have a game with matchmaking, so I use separate games(I mean a lobby and the main game). I want to add badges to my game, award it to players in the main game but display the badges on the lobby game. Is is possible? (I wish to have a system that is similar to the badge system “Notoriety” has.)

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If the two games share the same universe id, then yes. How do I get UniverseId from PlaceId? (ROBLOX API)

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I’m afraid the universe id’s aren’t same. I wish to ask something. If I run game:SetUniverseId() from Studio, will that work, or do I have to publish the main game as a place of the lobby?

the universe id is set and concrete. You would have to move the game to a new place that is in the same universe - it’s uneditable

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You could try using “BadgeService:UserHasBadgeAsync” to give them the badge in the lobby.

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