Global Developer Stats Page

With Tickets not being included in the Money page anymore, I can’t really quickly see how many visit I’m getting in the last 24 hours/whichever timeframe I choose from. (As far as I know.)

This was a very useful stat to be able to view, and now the only way I could figure out how to quickly calculate how many visits I’ve gotten in the past ___ is to either add up all my game’s dev charts or keep track of my visits on a daily basis. Would be nice to have a sort of game-wide stats page alongside the per-game developer stats pages.


Yeah thats one thing I miss. Whenever I got a ticket, I knew someone was playing my place, it made me feel better. There should be some new stat thing that appears on your top bar that keeps track of how people are playing your games.

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That would make a great chrome extension. I already have something like that which shows your pending sales in the header, so I can easily I isolate that into a new extension and add the player count (configurable)

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you can use this: until they do add this feature