Global Leaderboard Gui

I’m trying to make a leaderboard on a gui, that shows the people who have the most “cash” for example.
Below is a screenshot of what I’m trying to do. I made the gui already, the scripting part is where I’m having problems.

I tried watching a few tutorials such as this but most of them are not on guis. If you could point me in the right direction that would help a lot, thanks.

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Look into OrderedDataStores, they will save data in order, which will allow you to order the leaderboard.

As KDude said, ordereddatastores are what you should look into for the leaderboard. Once you do that you’d have to retrieve the players name and data from within the store in order to list them out. You could ever search the DevForums already as I believe there was a tutorial or a resource on here before. Just try searching it up.

Just so you see this, this tutorial here by ThatTimothy is definitely something you should look at.

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