Global Rails: Revolution - Overview

This is a post that was made while Global Rails: Revolution was still in early development.


What is Global Rails: Revolution?
Global Rails is a sandbox-style train simulator with a simplistic art style. You are able to choose from over 80 unique locomotives and operate them freely, picking up railcars from a great selection of rolling stock while exploring the map.

How does it compare to Global Rails: Origins?
This version of Global Rails lacks the details and features found in the newer game, such as the addition of mission mode, locomotive idling, easier controls, and automobiles. The main premise remains the same but the way it is handled is wildly different.

Mission Mode

The star of the show in the map overhaul, mission mode takes Global Rails to a whole new level by introducing a variety of rail-based scenarios to the game. Completing missions will grant you access to additional trains to operate in free-drive mode.

There is a total of 12 missions to complete with a large assortment of unique trains to unlock, including a grand prize for completing all of them! The amount of time it takes to complete a mission can vary depending on the chosen scenario, direction of switches, and other players.

Quality of Life

Advanced Settings
We’ve added a large variety of new settings to the game, all of which can be accessed through the sidebar menu. These settings include the visibility of overhead signs, switch buttons, and scenery, as well as toggling background noise, crossing bells, and other things.

Sound System Improvements
A new sound system was added to the game that highly increases the chances of engine noises and running sounds properly playing and looping. The volume of all sounds from trains has also been adjusted so they’re more comfortable to be around.

Driver Interface Enhancements
The driver interface was reorganized and refined to better indicate the purpose of each option and improve readability throughout. Most notably, the speed settings menu received new icons and better color codes to be more straightforward and accessible.