Global Surface GUIs?

So I have a problem with a simple reset system. I’m trying to reset a scoreboard, and I want anyone to be able to do so. The reset system works off of a surface gui and a button. In studio it works fine, but because of Filtering Enabled, when I test a server the surface gui doesn’t pick up any client input. I don’t want individual guis in starter gui for each player because I feel there is a simpler solution. What I’m asking is, is there any simple way to have a surface gui that every client can access without an elaborate input -> check system for each client?

You could probably write a LocalScript or a bit of code in your main LocalScript under starterplayerscripts that finds the scoreboard and passes any clicks from any relevant buttons to the server via RemoteEvent

Short answer; no.

However, the process of having GUIs in every player isn’t super complex.
All you need to do is parent the GUI and set its adornee, both things you can do without using scripts - leaving only the need for detection of input, which like Kiansjet said, would be solved with a RemoteEvent and a LocalScript in the GUI.

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