Global Variable Questions

How do you use _G and _VERSION/the difference between the two? i’ve read some info on and the Developer Hub so I somewhat know what it is and what they’re for. I just want to know how they’re used and when to use them.

It’s said ModuleScript are better to use instead of global variables, but anyways global variables can be accessed from any script type it was created from. Example:

--<first Script
_G.RenderQuality = 3;
--<second Script
print(_G.RenderQuality) --3

A Problem that can arise from this is that the first script gets executed after second script, so _G.RenderQuality in the second script will be nil

You can’t use _G across different script types I think (I don’t know how to properly call it). I mean, if _G.RenderQuality was set on the server, it can’t be accessed locally.

and _VERSION is just the current version of lua?


interesting, i must’ve misread what i saw.