Glock 17 fun little test

Hello, long time no see. I have been working on a gun, the model I made for the gun isn’t good as I thought it would be but it’s a good base. Scripting is what I care about here, I would love some feedback no pulling punches if you can.

Features consist of:

  • Gun idle animation
  • Reloading system
  • Lock First person
  • Works well with camera bobbing
  • A nice shooting system
  • Gun sounds
  • Shooting FX (NOT MINE)

Future features:

  • More animated gun stuff (reloading, shooting)
  • Hopefully bullet tracers (Thats one thing I want to understand how to do badly)
  • Bullet effects

NOTE: I was assisted by AI while writing my code, I did most of the code though.

  • Video

That’s a very nice gun system! I personally like the design of the GUI on the gun, and the GUI effect on dead subjects. Looking forward for the future updates man! Great work, great effort!


Currently, I’m making a mini game with Y3llow Mustang’s AI. Expect that soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Wish you a very best of luck on your journey of making games! Stay hard :+1:


My main edit is that I wished the UI for the gun Numbers were changed oppsite.

Number of Ammo Left…“/”…Max Ammo at one time

Currently you have the numbers opposite to the above in your GUI which to me is weird, but that might just be my opinion!

I would Also maybe add a reloading animation?

Everything else looks nice though so good job!

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I really wonder why would i use this over other systems like FE Gun Kit, Sensei’s system, or even making my own. (I do understand this isnt a resource or sum, i’m just telling)

Your system is honestly very simple and basic, nothing special at all. Anyway, without starting and making mistakes you can’t improve (only if you can’t take criticism ofc).

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Yea, its just decent. There is no recoil and no aiming at all! Those are the main components of every gun that makes it look good.

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The way how you could break the door is epic but maybe you could shake the screen while breaking doors to improve it?

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Yeah, of course. It’s a WIP this is just a week of work. I will pioritize that soon

I actually like that idea thank you

You aren’t wrong, it’s kinda trippy



In my opinion it make it clear to see the ammo capacity better. Thank you

I can take criticism, thank you for your feedback. This is nothing but a little fun thing to do as I learn to code better. I learned a lot and I still continue to do so

If you want to improve even more your gun, i have 2 ideas:

  1. a fast trail from the canon to the target (which mean raycast intensifies)
  2. if this is not the case, stop the bullet at the raycast result
  3. with the raycast, you can add bullet impacts on walls
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Is there something that explain raycasting well? I have done my research but yet to understand it, I’m slowly trying to figure out by testing

You will need the Origin Position, the direction (with UpVector, LookVector or RightVector) and if needed to include or exclude parts or descendants. The Syntaxe will be this:
local Result = workspace:Raycast(Origin, Direction, RaycastParams)

For the RaycastParams, you can do something like this:

local RaycastParams =
RaycastParams .FilterType = Enum.RaycastFilterType.Include --(Replace Include to Excluse depending what you need if you need)
RaycastParams .FilterDescendantsInstances = {} --array of parts or anything else physical visible, can be empty if you don't need it
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