Glock 19X | Model, Textures, & Render

Re-rendered my G19X model.

Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4. I wanted to update my portfolio with some better angles, lighting, etc.

Old Render


Those textures are awesome! Nice work!

I never knew you could model in marmoset.

I believe I misspoke. I rendered this in Marmoset but modeled and textured it in Blender and Substance Painter, respectively.

Unbelievable, about how many hours would you say it took you to make it? It looks very detailed.

Oh ok. It looks amazing. I wish I knew how to use substance painter like you.

Took me most of two days, one for modeling and one for texturing, with another few for renders and final touches.

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Wow! Well, your hard work definitely shows through! Keep it up!