Glossy gloss gloss gloss gloss gfx

I took some of y’all feedback, is this better or na? Give me some feedback aswell. Also, should I continue this glossy gfx series? :rofl:


And btw it look so cool and pretty!!

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Soo did you want it from me or??

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Idk I just need a banner or header!!

It looks amazing! gloss indeed :slight_smile:

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Yes! I have other posts aswell with gloss.

How did you make that?! I love it

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Ah yes! I made it on roblox studio and blender. Comments like this make me so happy.

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POV: You dragged the “roughness” bar in blender to 0


Yes, but i also added more stuff to it.

Like what? Thats all it looks like to me.

This is the problem with having too much gloss.

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Furthermore, it’s very simple. It’s not bad, but it’s very bland. A character with his arms tipped and his head turned.

Not that unique, but it works I guess. I wouldn’t use this for a banner or anything besides a PFP or something because it doesn’t stand out.

People who don’t know the process are like “WOW TGATS SO COOL BRO!!1!!!1!!!” I used to be like that before I started to make GFX, but now that I know how it’s done, it just not that cool. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it is kinda bland.


This is a pro. I think he’s right. GFX itself is easy, what requires gifts and skills is the character and set design

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Yeah, it was really easy to make. The problem is that only the people who don’t know order one from me. If they do know, they will know it is easy.

Please use an R15 blender rig. They are easy to work with and will also allow you to achieve a cleaner and more high quality render. The gloss is way too overdone, and the lighting is a bit weird.

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