Glow Particle Effect

Hello, I am trying to achieve a glow effect around players as shown in this gif
I don’t really know how to achieve this effect, I’m pretty new to particles (assuming that’s how you do it)
I’ve looked for similar issues but could not find anything.
I want to have players to glow when they do specific actions.

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I think to achieve this you’d have to use some form of TweenService, just tweening the particle emitters around the character randomly.

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You can use cellshade, or a workaround for it with Forcefield material, or you can use particles, just changing their size and their ZOffset to -1 so it fits.

Example of CellShade:

Example of the particles


That looks really cool. I gotta try that later

How would I get the particles to go all the way around the player like you did. I’m not sure how to do that

You need to parent the particles in the entire character, RightHand, LeftFoot, UpperTorso, etc. You can easily do it with a for loop.

Alright thank you! some filler text