Goblox Hotels & Resorts Ranks Information

Hello, here you will now learn about Goblox Hotels & Resorts ranks!

Guest - Non-Group member, they can took a room and enjoy their stay.

V Group Ranks V
Customer - A group member, they can enjoy their stay and took a room, also they can attend interviews.
Noted Customer - Special member, they can get anything they want just with a single word.

V Staff V - Workers, LRs.
Trainee - Trainees can work with CheckIn, but cannot use staff tools and access rooms using staff card.
Housekeeping - Housekeeping are responsible for the cleaning of hotel.
Security - They are responsible for the customers, when there is trollers or etc. they should cuff them.
Receptionist - They Check-in people and check them out.

V MR Staff V
Intern MR - A trial MR this rank is gained next a interview and a training for MR.
Head of staff - A MR rank, which is responsible for LRs.

V HMR Staff V
Management - Rank which supervises all ranks below.
V DR Staff V - Developers
Developer - Develop the hotel and do more.
V HR Staff V
Intern HR - A trial HR this rank is gained next a interview and a training for HR.
Staff Manager - Supervising MR ranks and below.
General Manager - This is the highest rank which can be gained as HR.

V SHR Staff V
Board of directors - Manages whole hotel.

V ESHR Staff V
Co-Owner - Reserved Rank
Owner. - Reserved Rank
Owner - Reserved Rank

The 2 owner ranks are for the both owners.

Hope you enjoy the learned.

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