Godawful datamosh/glitch-like visual bug in studio

this is what has happened to my beloved studio, a strange datamosh, patterned effect in the view window. it has persisted through various computer resets and roblox studio reinstalls. it briefly went away once when I closed my toolbox tab, but since has been by my side. behavior continues when the game is played/run. remains in team tests, but disappears, amazingly, in testing through the “test” tab - if only on the local/player screen (effect remains on the server screen). occurs throughout multiple projects.

it also applies to the toolbox. which is wonderful.

what’s crazy is that when I open a project, I get a flash of clearness, a clean canvas, like the clarity that comes moments before succumbing to dementia, before this stupid pattern appears again. that’s how it feels. and then it goes away. yes this is my second edit, by the way. I am tearing my hair out.

here’s another fun easter egg. my identity, being completely censored.

also, the graphics card is updated to the most recent edition (Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe). fortunately it occurs only on my laptop, but regardless, it’s annoying. how should I go about fixing this?

edit 4. what the hell? opening the monetization menu causes the effect to be transferred to the monetization screen, and off of the main screen…

sadly the effect returns to the main screen after I close the tab, and I can’t edit it while it’s open.

final edit. nothing I have previously said on remedying this issue remains consistent. as of late, I literally cannot get rid of the effect no matter what I do - team testing, multiplayer testing, game settings… I am in agony. if I remember to, I’ll submit this as a bug later.


Try rolling back your graphics driver. I’ve had an issue with my sound output on my laptop, causing all output to be extremely distorted and loud, and rolling back the driver fixed it.

If you’re on windows, I believe in the device manager you can find the display drivers, and click on “configure” and find the option to roll back to the last version. I’m not sure what the process is on Mac.

thank you for the suggestion. unfortunately for my graphics driver, there is no previous version to roll back to