Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.1.0

Gods’ Domain, Update 1.1.0

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Symbols meaning

[*] - Bug fix
[+] - New feature
[-] - Removed feature
[\] - Comment

[+] [HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL] Brand new hitbox system, which takes into account for client ping and delay, and is orders of magnitude more accurate. Please let me know on whether you experience any issues with it!
[+] Greatsword animation is now slower for more realistic effect
[+] Realistic damage SFX + SFX
[+] Blaze renamed to Minor Blaze
[+] Rain SFX
[+] We now have a wiki! https://godsdomain.fandom.com/wiki
[+] More consistent climb behavior when climbing atop objects

[*] Pressing space whilst typing triggers climbing
[*] [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] Backfiring minor blaze, equipping sword and unequipping blaze equips weapon instead
[*] Cannot use spell after failed cast unless re-equipped
[*] [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] When a party member leaves it still says they’re in the party
[*] Jumping on ocean surface