Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.3.2

Gods’ Domain, Update 1.3.2

Last Update: Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.3.1
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Symbols meaning

[*] - Bug fix / other
[+] - New feature
[-] - Removed feature
[\] - Comment

[*] Swamp water has sand SFX
[*] Hitting with greatsword only slows on first hit
[*] Rapier not working
[*] Mana bar does not update
[*] Player being able to move during spellcast
[*] panting VFX does not go away if using /stamina add
[*] dying with music / rain VFX abruptly stops it
[*] Being able to climb Evindel statues
[*] People don’t have Maeron clothing
[*] Issues with RectGrid

[+] Water step SFX
[+] You no longer stop running after falling down or jumping
[+] Footstep SFX is now randomized
[+] Spell cooldown
[+] Spells are now instantly cast upon use
[+] Particle effects move ahead of player according to movement velocity
[+] Snow particles FX
[+] Google analytics for tracking errors and other data
[+] Finished staircase for harbor (map not yet updated)