Going Multi-Place, Multi-Platform and Using Teleport Data! Big Updates To Sonic Speedway!

Hey guys been putting lots more work into my game, finally managed to implement a ton of stuff I’ve wanted to do for ages and I hope will really set my game apart.

So i guess Its about 8 months development now and It’s still going really well. Since starting with my rather clunky custom character controller way back in January I’ve slowly turned it into a really smooth feeling game.

Building everything from the ground up has been a really difficult but totally rewarding experience. I defiantly feel its essential to use as much custom code as possible to give you game a unique identity…

I’ve hit so many roadblocks and fixed so many bugs, but i finally think its at-least working as well as most of the other fan-engines on and off roblox.

I think this shows just how flexible and powerful the roblox engine actually is… and how important it is to learn to raycast XD.

Anyways current features include:

  • Awesome main menu- with multiple modes and many select-able characters, they don’t have their special abilities yet but they do move at different speeds, have different acceleration, top speeds, jump height, friction, traction… etc…
  • Story mode, where you will play each level sequentially or time trial where you can play the same level over and over to try and be top of the leader-board!
  • There are now 2 whole zones of 3 levels each, with 2 hidden levels, and a tutorial level. A total of 9 complete levels so far… With several others in development
  • There are proper loading and saving of game progress and statistics
  • Also leader-boards that show the fastest complete times for each of the level
  • There’s a Ranking system where if you can get an S rank you get a badge! (Be warned its super hard)
  • I think there is an unbroken anti-hack… tho the hackers wouldn’t tell me if they had broken in! XD
  • You can play on tablet, phone, Xbox or PC, you can customize your controls on PC or use game-pads
  • There’s also a low graphics mode if you have an old old phone like me
  • I think I’ve finally got a multi-place private server system working (This has been a particular nightmare)
  • There’s a new zoom feature that allows you to customize your view.
  • There’s also bubble chat!
  • New Effects and improved GUIs


Crazy Loop Physics

Knuckles Go Whoosh!

Yeah That is Lava!

Bouncy Goodness

Dangerous Crushing Platforms

I suck at this game XD

Crazy New Zones

So Much Blur!


Game Link:

Hope You guys enjoy… Please tell me about any bugs you find (That would make my day lol) Lots more updates coming soon, including bosses, new zones, special abilities, special stages, chaos emeralds, new characters, a level designer and much much more!!!

Would love any feedback or any ideas you’ve got for the game… or if you wanna ask me anything just drop it in the comments below.

Take it easy guys,




I think it looks great. Is there any extra features that make it really stand out above the crowd?

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great but the only im worried about is copyright law and the game getting taken down


This is actually really awesome. But what if it gets taken down for copyright?
Other than that, awesome game! I’m checking it out right now.

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Nah its fine… Sega are really lenient…besides if anything happens i’ve got online and offline backup. I just replace the sonic sprites and re-upload…It’s not like i made a mario game XD

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search for sonic on roblox if they do come for anyone i’m way way down the list :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you enjoy :smiley:

All the big big stuff is coming… I’m thinking of making a vs racing mode as well an adventure lobby and lots of other surprises…

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SEGA is actually one of the first few companies to not care about copyright, so your fine there!


Lol i didnt actually upload any of the music i just been stealing ti from the toolbox… so yeah it might disappear one day but my account will be fine… Thanks for the warning tho :smiley:

This isnt how it works, sadly.
They will check inside your game, not just look at the library and find copyrighted audios.
Plus, most copyrighted audios are made to bypass moderation using a complex method
[btw, ik this is off topic but halloween is soon! hope my teeth last till october :spider:]

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Hmm i read around abit and no im pretty sure it just gets removed and replaced with silence… https://devforum.roblox.com/t/poll-should-copystriked-music-be-autoreplaced-with-apm-music/190200/27 — I’m excited about halloween too - gonna start work on a spooky game update today :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, i’ve seen many games taken down although they did not upload the music

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Maybe but tbh i’d invite it cos it means all my competitors would get eliminated too… Then they wouldnt have that 8 year head start on me… XD