Going through post approval

So I wanted to make a new post for #platform-feedback:engine-features when I saw that as a normal member, I have to go through post approval, but as far as I know, @Post_Approval rank no longer exists?

I readed some posts and I think that @Post_Approval was renamed to @Community_Sage so, should I notify @Community_Sage instead?


No. Post approval was removed.

At this time there is no way for you to post in restricted categories, although there may be a similar system in the works.

Do not send post approval requests to Community Sages or Community Editors.


Yes, post approval has been disbanded. The group is now called “Community Editors”. For further information, you may visit: FYI on Post Approval review times and phasing out - #10 by buildthomas


No, post approval is still here, just renamed.



Even if the people in there were in post approval, they cannot approve posts anymore. (they literally don’t have the permission to do so anymore) That’s a completely different group.

Community Editor is not post approval.


Yeah and “go through post-approval several times” is a requirement to become a regular.
So basically if you’re not part of the insider club, you never will be.


Devrel has a replacement for PA coming soon, I’m sure. It’s not like you’ll never get the chance to be promoted; just wait a few weeks.


I look forward to a change and hope it is less subjective and biased than post approval was.

At the same time I also hope that something is done so that comparable posting needs are met for people that are not ranked.

As it is now something as simple as posting a bug report is like pulling teeth and it’s very difficult as a developer to find this forum effective in helping to solve many real development problems.


Where are you getting that info from? I haven’t personally heard anything from DevRel about “any day now” or “at most a week” FWIW. Probably not a good idea to string people along if you aren’t sure about the credibility of your information.


I didn’t mean literally within seven days, but it’s far from “never” getting a chance to be promoted, which is what the post I was replying to was saying. I’ve edited the post to make my intent more clear.


It wasn’t a literal “never” it was a metaphoric one. Truthfully I’ve never seen anything that leaves me with the impression that allowing people to progress through ranks is even on their priority list. This little tidbit is simply another detail that us lower classmen are not a very important part of the equation in decision making.

Removing the already overly stringent funnel that was the only avenue to advance altogether without even a mention of a planned alternative makes us one heck of an oversight.


So we won’t be able to make any feature requests until roblox has new post approval?
(sorry didnt realise this was an old topic)

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You actually can, but It’s not really a “Post-Approval”, is more like just dming the @DevRelationsTeam and giving them the post you want to approve.

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