Gold Rush Game Updated

Hello Everyone
Around this time last year I made game called Gold Rush and I’ve been trying to improve in anyway I can. So I’m back with a revamped Gold Rush and I would like your feedback before adding new features. I hope I can get feedback from everyone because it would help me improve my game

Here’s the link!/about


Your game is alright, but I have a few nitpicks:

  • Font inconsistency
    Your fonts aren’t consistent. Pick one font and use it. You might use a different font for the heading, but that’s about it.

  • Icon inconsistency
    You use several different icons for everything. Pick a set of icons (e.g. Material Icons) and use it.



  • Accessibility
    Your game’s text can be hard to read.
    This contrast ratio of 1.31:1 is absymal. It should be somewhere around 3-4.5:1.

    Consider using black text, with a contrast ratio of 15.99:1.

  • Gameplay
    There isn’t much to do in your game. Consider expanding your map and adding more detail to it.
    Additionally, the coins don’t seem to have a concrete pattern to them:

    Align these in a line.

  • Originality
    This game isn’t very original. Introduce some new mechanics to make your game stand out.

  • First impressions

  • Other notes
    Is this a free model? It’s also hovering above the ground.
    Your trees are also exactly the same.

Firstly I agree with @busterbob64 about the visuals. I recommend trying to keep the same style in all your graphics. (The thumbnails and Icons could use a bit of an upgrade).

Since the title is “gold rush” maybe instead of a forest lobby have more of a mountain/mining theme? (Also a mute music button would be appreciated).

The lobby is just a very generic lobby. I recommend firstly switching to a more mountain/mining feel to relate to the title “gold rush.” (ex: I drew a little mock up, yes I did it in ms paint because it was quick)

And for the “gold rush” instead you could have the river be flooded with coins, or maybe a part of the mine explode/opens up and reveals coins

I also recommend sticking to a color scheme for the decorations and other icons/gamepasses. Maybe stick for example to a yellow, brown, and silver theme (for stuff like the eggs/boards it seems out of place with them being bright reds and blues)

It really just needs a bit of a design change. I feel like some map changes, a makeover to the GUI’s/UI, gamepasses, icons, and thumbnails will really make this game pop.

Thanks for the contribution I’ll take note of that

I’m not a guild builder but I’ll try

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