Golden Dynasty - Roblox Tiered Obby

Hello! I have been working on a small Tier obby and have just released it. Thoughts?


I have some complaints…

The first two jumps were annoying at best. they were inconsistent and a difficulty spike compared to the rest of the obby ( minus a few exceptions) .

There was only one or two misalignments I could find, them being
These made the obby a bit jank and annoying.

This obby was WAY to repetitive and inconsistent. It starts off as a janky tier 8-9 and turns into a tier 6 after the corner clip. Also, the 2 stud walk around spam did not help make this obby better, it was tedious and boring.

But, don’t be discouraged. LITTERALLY every builder I’ve met has made the same mistakes as you.

Overall: While the obby isn’t good and is extremely tedious, it had so good design and didn’t hurt the eyes. I do recommend adding background music as the quietness hurts after awhile.


Opinion: The only thing I don’t like in obbies is invisible walls, you could make a higher wall or a visible killbrick, but putting transparent walls just annoys because I don’t know where’s the hitbox and where I can’t go

(Putting an invisible wall just to avoid a shortcut that can save 1 second of your run is just stupid)

Here’s the actual rating for the game (My opinion):

Gameplay - [4 - 10]

  • The obby gameplay is repitive and boring (-)
  • Corner clip is RNG (±)

  • Inconsistent difficulty (-)
  • Wasn’t really fun but it have some cool jumps (±)
  • I find no instance of broken sections! (+)

Design - [6 - 10]

  • I find no instance of z fighting! (+)
  • The decorations in game aren’t too good or too bad (±)
  • The details aren’t visually appealing (-)
  • The colors are okay! Should improve it still (±)
  • Not confusing, really straightforward (+)

Creativity - [3 - 10]

  • ??? (±)
  • The theme was right with the title (+)
  • Uncreative gameplay (-)
  • The jumps aren’t unique (-)
  • No song (-)

Format taken from JToH

Conclusion: -999999999999 social credit, bad citizen!