Golly's Sound Library (remasturd!)

So I took my old, janky plugin and remade it into something a bit better. (Since the last time I got banished from the scripters forum)

The current sound library here has all of the old “legacy” sounds – the sounds roblox uploaded up until the day before sound uploading became a thing.

I replaced the old scrolling frames with Roblox-approved ScrollingFrames.

Also added a new search function

Tell me what you think.

[size=5]INSTALL HERE[/size]

What are your plans on getting the new roblox sounds, as well as the user uploaded sounds? I love this

Eventually. It’ll be hard filtering what should actually be included

There’s over a thousand sounds already



you know how 2 please me

This is really cool, thanks for making this!

I only have one issue with it, and that is:

It’s super small, so much unused space! Think you could make it resizeable?