Good advertising campaigns with 100K R$?

I have an upcoming game, and one of the partners and I have 100,000R$ for initial advertising.

What should we do? Should we focus more on ads, or sponsorships? And how much should we spend a day? What should the ads include? The game is military themed.


Well, if your game is not for mobile, then advertise away
But if it is, you can go with sponsors, or advertisements, your choice
Advertisements might do better

Either 25k for 4 days, 20k for 5 days, or 10k for 10 days

I would go for the 20k, more or less

Eye candy, pictures of cool gameplay, few words, vibrant colors

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If you’re game is not very original or high quality (be honest with yourself), then do sponsorships because it’ll show more.
If you have something extraordinary to show then do ads.
For new games sponsorships is usually better unless your game is revolutionary

Yes… but after that, I can guarantee you that the game isn’t going anywhere, maximum on the search results, now, is that good enough? Still not, sadly.
Which is why, 4K a day, which is 25 days, might bring better results in condition if he advertised on social medias as well.

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You should had built a fan-base pre development. Thats the cheapest (depends) and most efficient way of getting long term players.

That might not be the cheapest if you want larger quantities, and it is certainly not efficient.

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I mean Roblox Bedwars did it and they have 100k average players a day. But they did already have Islands which averages less.

Would it maybe be a good idea to combine the two? Like, maybe use 50,000 robux for the initial sponsorship, do 12,500 over 4 days, to potentially get some good visits numbers, and then use the other 50,000 to do a more long-term approach, like 2,500 over 20 days?

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I think @WalravenVanHall was more talking about starting the fanbase for the game from 0, where you have no other existing games/projects to attract players from.

Technically that can be free but usually, you will have to spend considerable time and money trying to hype a game up before it’s even released.

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How does the originality of a game determine if it’s best to use ads or sponsorships? I have never heard of such a formula for advertising.

Please look, for an advert you’ll have around 600 x 160 pixels.

For sponsorship icons, you’ll only have 150 x 150.

Keep in mind that with the same budget, sponsorships gets at least 3 times more impressions than adverts.
Which means, unless you have a good amount of informations to show, which in my opinion would be either your game’s originality, special features, updates or events, otherwise sponsorship would be much better.

That could work! If your game is a highly player-powered game, which is for example Roleplay, Plates Game, Hangouts…
However, personally I suggest it to be like:

Introductive phase → Spike → Continuous phase.

Please look, according to the creators of the historical strategic shooter game, Trenches, they’ve annonced that sponsorships of 10K per day is the most effective according to scale, in simple words, <10K = Too little to do anything, >10K = Wasteful.
Unless a YouTuber such as Flamingo played you game, which is when you can ride the flow and bid more, otherwise keep it at 10K or less if you’re not that wealthy.