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Hey there!

My hotel, Bandan Hotels is going to be released around the 25th of June. It is basically (I’nn be honest) a hotel to get as much revenue as possible from. We’re doing the finishing touches now, the whole hotel including pool is done.

I was planning to have a receptionist gamepass which allows people to work at the reception, and the same with a pool gamepass, peeps can access the pool.

Now, the thing is, I’m thinking what stuff I can make robux from as well?

And, the most important part, what makes an ad work on Roblox, how do I make it look nice so people come (and hopefully buy :P) to the hotel.

Like, flashy coloured,…

What would be a good price for a pool and reception gamepass? Any other ideas of gamepasses? :)))

Thanks a lot in advance for your opinions!


Pricing depends on your traffic; if you’re not getting many people going through the game then people won’t want to buy gamepasses like one that lets them be a receptionist because there’s no real point in servicing people that aren’t there. If there’s a decent amount of concurrent players (e.g. >30 at any given time) then maybe gamepasses should be priced in the lower hundreds to keep it accessible to most who play the game (since the demographic you’re aiming at isn’t likely to have much disposable robux).

While i’m on the topic of your demographic (likely younger audiences who can roleplay while they work in the hotel) you’re going to want to play to that audience if you want your ads to be successful. What that entails i’m not entirely sure, probably just rely on warm colours or more calm colour schemes so that the aesthetic of the game is more accurately conveyed (i.e. “roleplay in a hotel” works a lot better with calmer colours than really saturated ones).

In terms of other gamepasses, if you have some sort of in game cash system, which I assume you do since you can work in this hotel, maybe have gamepasses that multiply the amount of money earnt by a factor of x (you decide).

Hope this helps, good luck with your game!


I’m Professional Trainer of Police Roleplay, Developer. And I have experience about Managing Ads,
My opinion is that you can use ads for get more members,
My Example;

  1. Create a group
  2. Name it Hotels™
  3. Do Description, (Example about description,
    *"Welcome to Hotels™! *
    Roblox is a massively multiplayer online and game creation system platform that allows users to design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by other users. Owned by ROBLOX. With 1 member, ETC"
  4. Create a game, about Hotels.
  5. Make games about interview and training centers.
  6. Make the main game with Badges, gamepass, with GFX that is on
  7. Get robux
  8. Make a GFX for you ad, Example Ariana Grande GFX
  1. Run all your robux like 1M.
  2. The players will start touch your ad :slight_smile:
    You just won 10K of members with the ads, "
    That my opinion



Thanks. I’ve. Been able to look into the revenue from some hotels who advertise 10k robux, and receive 15k back after the tax has been deducted from it. Is that a realistic goal?

I have 7.5k robux in 3 days. How much should I spend to gain a little?

That can work, 10k was an example.

Mhm, but I’d like not to spend all of it at once, if the hotel doesn’t gain revenue, I lost an equivalent of $75.

Well my opinion is join the game about invite members, that you can… There you can invite members, that good. Now I don’t know what to do with that.

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Do you mean Group Recruiting Plaza?

What I mean was, would 5K for example work, or is there like a “bar” where you have to advertise above to gain actual good revenue and good users.

Yes I mean that
the people join if they searching a group.

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Depending on how flexible you or your builder is i’d recommend expanding it from just an exclusive pool to a exclusive lounge instead with the pool included.

As for the receptionist it varies on what they’re able to do. If they’re only able to access that once restricted area than sales are going to drop once the consumer is disappointed. A disappointed consumer typically will go out of their way to either thumbs down the pass, seek you out for a refund, and possibly even scold you.

If you’re going for P2W marketing than don’t be concerned with balancing the game. You could have purchasable v.i.p suites that are either permanent or temporary leases being 24-48 hours with an automatic renewal once it expires.

Another tactic you could use would be having an owner gamepass being priced at 1.5k+ where players would be able to evict unwelcome guests or fire employees within that server.


Hi marketmanager1,

I’d like to share my thoughts on a few aspects of your situation, glancing off of what has been said so far.

Similar to what @PurpSinister said, an exclusive members game-pass with access to a lounge and pool seems like an improvement on the pool pass concept. Receptionist could be interesting but you may want to steer clear of having each “profession” as a game-pass.

Contrasting what Purp said, I still recommend attempting to balance and polish your game. You want to provide enough free content that players enjoy the game-play and feel that it’s a wholesome experience. The premium content should simply build off that, expanding on the success of features you have. You don’t want game progression cutoff or bottle-necked by requiring game-passes.

For advertising, the single piece of advice I think is most important for you to takeaway is that regardless of what you do with advertising you want to test your game and ensure its a solid experience before you start running ads. Bugs, glitches, and other technical problems can run havoc with your game’s success even with competent advertisements.

As for the actual ads, you should try to stick with Banners (728x90) and Skyscrapers (160x600), with a focus more on the former than the latter. It comes down to quantity of views, and those two variants tend to get more than Rectangles. Depending on your budget you should try to pace your advertising schedule. If your goal is to grow your group member count, you want to run ads directly for your group. If you want to bring in game revenue and get players in-game servers, you will want to run sponsors rather than ads. For both situations, I recommend spending no less than 3k robux per ad/sponsor. If possible, running consecutive daily ads/sponsors for an entire week will do wonders for establishing a consistent player-base. If you lack the budget, fund-raise, as advertisement can make a world of difference for the success of your game.


Thank you very much for that detailed answer! I do lack funds to be able to run consistent ads. You talked about fund-raising. That looks interesting. Do you know a good way / some good people to contact? I guess not much people are willing just to give a few k, or what exactly do you mean? :slight_smile:

Also, yo’ure talking about scheduling ads, but don’t they all run for 24 hours?

For fund-raising you will either source your funds through private investors or from friends. Both will require pitching your game idea to them and convincing them to buy-in to the project. I recommend you consider an insurance policy if you do this, because investors don’t like risks.

For scheduling, I meant that since ads run 24 hours, you want to find a good time of the day that you can get on each day and then run an ad at that time, every day, consecutively for a week. That consistency helps build up activity.

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Alright. Thanks. What insurance policy could it be for example? Like, if they invest and it all goes wrong, how will I pay them back?

EDIT: I have 6.5K to spend on ads, most likely won’t be able to find investors. What is the best possibility? Buy robux? :smiley:

Insurance policies would be like telling your investors that whether success or fail, you will reimburse them 20% of their investment or a fixed amount. Usually its at your own expense. It means more risk for you, but a higher likelihood they will invest. These are negotiations you have with other Robloxians to convince them to hop on-board your project. If you aren’t absolutely certain your game will be successful, you may want to avoid these kinds of assurances.

You could buy robux, indeed. Roblox sells it on the website and a lot of authorized retailers like Walmart, Target, and Gamestop sell cards as well. I would recommend having around 20k+ available for ads/sponsors. (Approximately 3k a day * 7 days = 21k robux)

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If you don’t have BuildersClub, what you will do? @marketmanager1

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I do have it. So no probs here.

Looks like the safest option lol. Bought myself so I have 15K now, 3K every day for 5 days long. I’ll first launch 2 days of ads, and only if I gain these ads back, I’ll contiue advertising. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep the robux for other projects. :slight_smile:

@CNales13 It’s difficult to do any form of development without Builder’s Club, so it’s almost always an assumption that people on the DevForums have it.

@marketmanager1 I think the general rule of thumb is that you do want to break-even or have a net positive, but for me personally I definitely was negative at launch, despite good reviews, dedicated players, and few bugs at launch. I think it’s a matter of how you monetize things and whether your audience has money to spend. So you won’t always get a full return on your initial expenses in the first day or two. For me it took about 3 weeks before I started turning a positive, and after that it was in the green for the rest of the year.

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That Nice, @marketmanager1 @RedByDesign