Good and Cheap Video Software



I’ve recently been aiming to create a tutorial series for YouTube, however I don’t have a goo d video editor for the job, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good free or relatively cheap video editing software, I’m fairly new to video editing so it’d be awesome if it could be rather friendly towards more amateur users.
Thank you in advance!


I got Sony Vegas 15 and 16 from the HumbleBundle store.

The deal comes on ebay blue moon or so I always keep an eye for it.

There is a really good editing software called Davinci Resolve which you can use for free as far as I know.

Resolve was originally colour mixer which later included video editing and audio capabilities. It’s pretty solid.


Believe it or not, Blender, is not only an amazing 3d modeling software, but is also an extremely capable video editor.

It’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s a very nice free solution.


Premier pro comes with the adobe set and is amazing


Shotcut is free & open source. I just started using it this week. It seems pretty easy to use. It’s not the most amazing editor in the world, but it’s been useful for me when I just need to do some simple editing.


Hitfilm is a good option, they even provide youtube tutorials on their official channel and provide assets and many other things to help you on the way. A good choice to try if you may like.They also come in two choices, one free, and one that costs money with extra benefits and features.


If you’re looking for a very basic video editor that can do basic things, and you have a Windows computer, then you’re in luck my friend.

Windows has a free, built-in video editing software called Video Editor.
If you just search it up on your Windows computer, you should find it.

The editor is free, so it obviously won’t have everything, but it has a few things, such as:

  • A way to trim videos
  • A way to resize videos
  • A ton of filters and color changers that you can add to your videos
  • A way to add many beautiful texts and messages to your video (perfect for tutorials)
  • A ton of cool 3D effects
  • A way to move the screen around, including panning
  • A way to zoom in and out on your video.
  • And last but not least, a way to color, and draw on your videos, which would be awesome for circling things in the tutorial.

Hopefully this helps!


I’m gonna have to vouch against this. Before I was competent in Premier, I had to use it for a project. It’s more of a hassle than other programs and can be a pain to render in high quality.

You can use WMM in the mean time, sure, but you should really transition to something for worthwhile in the long term.