Good day everyone. My animation runs as a compact version in the studio player, what's happening?

I hope I’m using the correct tags.
I made an animation of a demon slayer dashing and then slicing with his sword. It should end like this:

However, it compacted itself making the animation shorter in terms of distance as if it was resized in length, ending here:

I really don’t know what happened, sorry if this is a dumb question or something, maybe the animation is just too distant from its origin point? Can someone tell me why this is happening or give me a solution?


So you mean that the fire/smoke parts have been shrunken? Even though you didn’t change the size of the actual parts?

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No, the animation itself resized,stopping earlier as a “mini” version of it

Oh, I get it. The whole animation track was truncated and smooshed together?

Are you sure that it actually shortened, and that it is NOT a visual thing? You could try to drag-and-drop the animation part out of its bounding box and then see if the animation UI actually has shortened. Just in case.

What also could’ve happened (don’t know how, but…) is that you shortened the animation track. You could try to change the length of the animation track back to the original length.

But what I’d try first is to load the old animation (unless you’ve added a bunch of unsaved changes).

Take this with a grain of salt, as I am not a professional user of the animation system.