Good fonts to use for renders?

Hello Developers!

I am a common graphic maker, and I feel my GFX’s are a little blah. I had a post not too long ago about critiquing my art, if you would like to help on that, that would be great, but it’s not needed.

I enjoy making graphics for others, but I use the most common font “Lemon Milk”. Don’t get me wrong, lemon milk is a pretty good font, but I use it in like all of my products.

Does anyone know any good fonts?
Side note, I currently use


different fonts for different situations


Thanks! I’ll check them out! :heart:

Just a heads up, fonts 1, 2, and 4 mention that they are only free for personal use. I am not sure if these fonts can be used in ads, game thumbnails, paid commissions, etc without proper licensing.


That’s a really important aspect I overlooked. My bad.

When searching for fonts on DaFont, you can click “more options” and select 100% free



Hello! I recommend you check out this fonts, you can search them by name on or any other font place:

the frontman 2
the sunset
the blacklist

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Again, most of these fonts mention that they are only free for personal use on DaFont. I have summarized my findings below:

Shorelines - Free for personal use.
Signatra - Free for personal use.
The Frontman 2 - Demo with blocked access to numbers and symbols, the description mentions that there is a different, commercial use version of the font. I would assume that this version is meant for free personal use, but I am not sure.
Pacifico - Public domain, should be fine.
The Sunset - Free for personal use.
California - DaFont has multiple results, only one of them is 100% free and should be fine.
The Blacklist - Free for personal use.


Personally, I think any font can complement your art. I use Aerial a lot with all upppercase letters and Built Tilting font a lot.

I know a font that I really like. It’s called “Brady Bunch”. It is on the website 1001freefonts. It is free for commercial and personal use. I’d recommend checking 1001freefonts out. They have a lot of good fonts. If they say “Free” to the right, you can use them. If they say “Free For Personal Use” then, obviously, you can’t use it.

Hope this helps!


Use luckiest guy. It is a font that sticks out quite a bit.


Bebas and Gotham Black. Both of them are plain but sometimes plain text works better than complex ones.

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