Good game icon? (feedback)

Can’t choose what game icon should be used, im planning to make a game “creep”. so which one?

or this?


If your game is dark, creepy, and slightly violent, then the first icon is a better choice.

Also, can you showcase the atmosphere of your game? So that other developers can share their feedback based on your game’s atmosphere.


im planning to make one, so i didn’t find any better skyboxes for the game, & also didn’t find any better free models too.


or maybe red skybox will be good for the atmosphere.

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Well, the first icon is better in my opinion.

You just also make a poll on which one is better

The first one

or the second one


alright, but how to make a poll? im new to this community.

Definitely top, however the lack of AA makes it seem like it was made in ms-paint.

yeah, just a simple game im not wanting it to make it bigger.

Makes sense. Hopefully it isn’t so sharp applied to the game (smaller).

i meant, im making a small game for the test.

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