Good game icon?


I have been working on an obby for a couple days now, and I am confused on what makes a good icon. What I want to know is:

  • Would you click on it if it had the words “sponsored ad” under it?
  • Opinions on the icon.
  • Any work that needs to be done?



I made some other icons, too.

Don’t mind the size. This is what it looked like before I scaled it down.

What I want to know:

  • Which icon was the best? 1st or 2nd.

I don’t think the second icon is good, it makes the game look like a shady obby game.


Okay. I really just went for the spongebob to get clicks, but I then came up with other ideas.

Hello, If you look at most popular obbies they have an image that draws in a viewers attention (in this case the giant spongebob),
image image

So for this reason I believe the 2nd one is better, however could be improved with a new, cartoony skybox instead of the photo realistic one you currently have, and possibly a new angle.


Alright. Thanks for the feedback! I changed the spongebob icon because, no offense, complete noobs were joining and they would rage quit after 1 minute.

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There millions of games with that icon, But, Yeah On my Choosing Its a good icon!

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I may switch back to the spongebob icon.

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I would recommend it to increase traffic to the game, maybe make it more eye catching. Obby game icons dont really have text on them, and if you was going to add it I would make sure its visible against the background.


Truth to be told… I wouldn’t click on it.

There should be cool effects, or at least text logo slapped on it, just something besides a plain Spongebob.

This is my honest opinion, please don’t consider this insulting. Good luck to your game :slight_smile:

EDIT: To add on, @suitied, if you add a text logo it’ll make it stand out from others besides the standard “Obby Logo”.


1st icon is way better. The 2nd makes it look like a ‘Espace Spongebob obby obby obby obby obby’ game lol


Since you wanted one for the clicks I’d go second.
And maybe base it off of the ones @suitied showed in his reply.