Good or Bad GFX?

Would this be considered “good” or “bad”?

I want feedback. This is my second GFX.


I’d say not that great, the avatar looks very strange and I’d suggest using blender to make a render of the avatar you’re going to use in the GFX. You should also work on the background as it’s very bland at the moment and needs a lot of work, the font could also use some work as well. Everything at the moment is just very bland and if improved would look a lot better. There are a ton of roblox render tutorials on youtube that are very helpful and can get you on a good start with your GFX.


Thank you. This will really help me. ;w;

super easy and basic tutorial to follow that will teach you the basics of blender, once you get a hang of blender you could possibly try out cinema 4d


Thank you. I didn’t really get the hang of blender at first.

I can see a number of things that could improve.

  • The text font doesn’t really fit with the backgrounds, or the “theme” of the image.

  • Speaking of the background, it is quite bland, and there’s a lot of empty space that could fill up.

  • The avatar looks… chunky. It is not slapped in the image very well, and it in no way fits in with the theme as well.

just keep trying! don’t give up, even if you have to restart you will get the hang of it eventually, try looking up different tutorials if that one doesnt work for your learning style

As a retired gfx artist, you should make the render bigger, and perhaps make the avatar blend in. The background doesn’t really fit in with the font, and you should add shading to the render. This may seem for a lot to take in, but this video covers most of what I am talking about. Keep practicing!

Uhh….It looks not that great because of the avatars body and how strange it is. But you can improve it by using Blender like the way @21stPsalm told you in his comment so…yea.

It is not bad but I don’t like the black Lines around the avatar.

Eh, not too bad, but I suggest you use blender as the character is very bumpy if you’d like to say it like that, you can tell you’ve cut it out and just stuck some text on it [not being mean, honest feedback is always the best] but if you use blender I believe you can do some really good stuff,

Good for your second GFX, The character has some black background excess around it. You could use some rendering program to get a nice clean image.

Mhm, I have blender but never got the hang of it. (I watched a tutorial and now I actually know how to! :slight_smile: )