Good reasons why the collaboration section shouldn't lock

Roblox has received feedback on basically all of that regarding the talent hub, so they’ll surely get to it. They even postponed the closing of the category until October 1, so we and them still have time. If Roblox need more time they’ll probably postpone it further.


Here’s a simple way you could get around it:

@DarkPixlz you can make suggestions about it in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features or just wait for someone to do so themselves.

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This may be considered getting around the rules, the Roblox ToS explicitly bans using allowed links to redirect to not allowed links.


Well, Roblox can’t and doesn’t moderate you for actions outside of the platform unless they’re borderline illegal. This has been a thing for a lot of different things over the last few years.

Yet you’re taking a risk, I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

you’re* and if I do get moderated for it for once after like 5 years of going with this method, then it would be an unjustified one since I am technically within the rules. If you don’t want to do it, it is fine but let’s not argue about this and derail the conversation from where it actually should be.

You should post your feature requests in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features instead of here. Looks like you identified a bunch of valid problems that should be brought up there.

A forum is not a good place for jobs/portfolios. This category will be removed and that’s a good thing because there will be more discovery space for all the more appropriate forum use cases.


I would say delete the category, but I do agree that there should be more text options.
And you can put images, heres a few steps:

  1. Go to a devforum page
  2. Hover on any image then right click and click “Copy Image Address”
  3. Go to your talent hub page
  4. Edit your bio, put ![](imagelink) and replace imagelink with your copied link.
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There is simply no reason to keep the #collaboration section. These are some great reasons, but then again, Roblox will probably add those features in the future.

behancē and are both used for portfolios, and both are allowed on the talent hub.

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Behance is for creative work portfolios only (GFX and building)

Github sounds like a bad solution too, as you are using GitHub for a purpose not intended.


It is for creative works, yes, but that does not only includes GFXand building. is the domain used for GitHub Pages, wich can be used for wathever you want to code afaik, idk who told you that you can’t build a portfolio with it.

There are also pretty other alternatives that are also whitelisted on the Talent Hub, so no need to mantain the #collaboration category

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I hope you’re not naively thinking that the amount of Likes you’d get on the developer forum would translate directly to job applicants on the Talent Hub? Moreover, the Talent Hub is private currently (X thousand users have access)


No, not likes, I have 5 people testing right now.

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The reason I don’t want the collaboration section to be deleted is because of reviews. As far as I know, you can’t comment on people’s portfolios in Talent Hub. However, you can comment on people’s portfolios in the Collaboration category, and it is useful for people who may want to hire me to see reviews of other people who have previously worked with me. For example, my portfolio has many positive reviews and those help to get people to hire you.


There aren’t even portfolios as far as I know.
Good reasons why the collaboration section shouldn’t lock - Forum Feedback / Forum Features - DevForum | Roblox

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Only thing I am worried about is since I am a 2D-artist, I tend to use the portfolio to showcase my 2D drawings and get commissions.

Talent hub does look nice-a lot more fancy-but not being able to post images? I wonder how this will affect a lot of the artist who the collaboration tab for more small, one time commissions instead of long term gigs.

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It is possible as @ChipioIndustries shows,

But @metatablecatgirl shows it doesn’t work very well

And the character limit wouldn’t work for me, and I still need dropdowns/polls, etc.

When I try I get this result

Great, a few days left…
Roblox, please dont go through with this until we have rich text and dedicated portfolios!

Duplicate of: Do not lock the #collaboration category until the talent hub is further revised