Do not lock the #collaboration category until the talent hub is further revised

Note: I do not wish to keep the collaboration category permanently, I just wish to delay the closing of it until the talent hub is revised to be more usable.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find jobs and use the talent hub efficiently. As the #collaboration category will be locked in 5 days, everyone will be forced to use the talent hub over the DevForum, which is a major inconvenience, as the DevForum is arguably better.

Issues with talent hub

There are multiple issues that prevent the talent hub from being a good replacement to the #collaboration category. The major one being the fact that there is a chat filter, which means users will have to have a separate social platform to chat with their bosses. Not everyone can use a different social platform to communicate, and this cuts of some developers, and is also extremely inefficient to be moving from 1 platform to the next.
Other issues range from barely being able to showcase your work on your profile page, extremely cramped UI, Mobile not supported, and only being able to see verified users/posts if a pin is enabled.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I would be able to continue using the #collaboration category, find jobs, and work in the most efficient manner.


Agree with revising the Collaboration category closure schedule despite not being a user of the category myself. Roblox has an extremely frustrating tendency to deprecate available venues without ensuring that the superseding venues are polished and highly usable. Not completely finished or rid of bugs, but the user experience needs to be up to par first.

Big issue I’ve had since the removal of genre sorts and has continually been an issue for others using the Roblox platform. Collaboration needs to go but not before the Talent Hub serves developers’ needs well. Please stay in touch with the community or focus groups and feedback categories to ensure at least some top UX points are covered first. I know a big frustration some of my friends, acquaintances and other shared spaces users have had is the inability to deeply showcase their works and talents that otherwise work better with Discourse markdown.


This is intended, your supposed to use platforms such as Discord for communication while doing jobs.

However, I do agree that Roblox decided to close the category too early and should keep it open until the Talent Hub is better than #collaboration

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But wouldn’t it be a bit more intuitive if you could just use everything right then and there, not everyone wants to install a chat application just to make a game. I have no proem with it, but I guarantee there’s a lot of people who’d rather have it all in one place.


This is the words of an admin: Get rid of the chat filter in the Talent Hub - #16 by peraldon


I would imagine that since the deprecation of the category is getting closer, making the talent hub on par or with, or even out-featuring #collaboration, is only becoming a higher priority for the team working on the talent hub. We should probably wait and see. Forum staff will surely be attentive to feedback regarding #collaboration the day it is deprecated if it does not at least reach parity with #collaboration. I think even this topic was made too early, a lot can happen in 5 days.


Yes, but it’s much easier to have it in one place, instead of switching between platforms. Besides, if you just need to talk a little bit on the DevForum for a pre-screening or something like that, it won’t filter you out, unlike the talent hub.


Many people have said in the feature request yet Roblox still says they probably won’t change it.

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I won’t support Roblox locking #collaboration until they get rid of the chat filter and fix other issues that have been reported, especially since Talent Hub will replace #collaboration. I wouldn’t mind waiting another month for Roblox engineers to polish the UI a little bit and add in those things developers want.


Agreed. Currently, they should both be up for backward compatibility.


Hey everyone!

Thanks for bringing this up. We’ve been carefully looking at the data, and all the feedback! Whilst there are now many users happily using Talent Hub, we want to make sure that everyone has a platform to find others to work with in the way that is good for them.

As such, we’ll be delaying the archiving of #collaboration by one month - to October 1. Please keep the feedback coming, we can’t make the perfect place to find and offer work without all of you!


Thank you so much for this, I was getting quite worried myself due to the fact that clients are unable to see any of my portfolio work so I would have to upload and display pictures through an external messaging app just to show them the work that I’ve done in the past, which in this cause would be chaos.

Speaking of “work done in the past”, is there any plans to add the ability for people and their creator page, be able to setup a showcase section of their work?

Thank you once again.


When you say “archiving”, do you mean that the category will be locked but people can still access it/look back at what was posted before it was locked? Or will the entire category be deleted?

They will lock all topics on October 1, and then it will be fully deleted in 2022 (January 1 iirc)

Does this mean they will be getting rid of portfolios?

Originally, the #collaboration category was going to be locked on September 1st, which would prevent anyone from posting in it. This entire posts goal was to delay the closing of the #collaboration category until it’s replacement(the talent hub) was revised to be more usable and efficient. Roblox has listened to the community and delayed the closing of the #collaboration category by 1 month(closing date is now October 1st), but #collaboration will be locked and deleted at some point.


The said near the end of the year, it could be 30th of December (for all we know).

I want to bump this as I’m still not prepared for the October 1st date, the Talent Hub isn’t a viable alternative yet for myself and many others, just look at this, only 61 jobs that shows up for some people and it can take days for opportunities to appear.

If I don’t want to see a lack of jobs I have to sacrifice my security on my account, and I do not want to do this (I had someone try to get in my Google account on Thursday).

Roblox needs to keep collaboration up until at least December 1st, that way people have time to switch, and hopefully the many issues that myself and others have the Talent Hub will be fixed (such as restrictions on people who use account PINs and a lack of creator page customization).


ive already talked with someone who has a top portfolio on devforum and they stated that they are going to take a massive hit due to switching to the talent hub


We’re not ready! The #collaboration category cannot be deleted. Unless, of course, your goal is to prevent developers from finding work. Then, of course, go ahead. Here is some proof that we are not ready for this date.

@Crazedbrick1, one of the best builders on the platform.

Creator of a successful game that has 78M visits and 9k players active at the time of posting.

And these are only two examples! I, too, am expecting way less commissions as the #collaboration category is deleted. I have managed to make my own portfolio through Wix, but it’s not the same. My DevForum portfolio got hundreds of views that all could have been from potential commissioners. How many did my Talent HUB page get? Let me just run the numbers…


Maybe it got a few, but even if it did, maybe at most it got ten?

When should the #collaboration category be locked?

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What I originally thought when I made this post was that by the time October first came around, all issues I listed here(among other issues) would be fixed. That’s not the case. At this point, delaying the locking of #collaboration is useless it’s just a circle going round and round, Roblox just needs to fix their goddamn talent hub. Please, anyone, if you have regular, fix our talent hub in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features.