Good VS Code/Rojo extensions

I have just started using Rojo and Visual Studio Code, because a lot of developers have said it’s much better and more efficient than the Studio script editor. It has worked well so far, but the Intellisense and error detection (the thing where it shows a red line under the code that is wrong) hasn’t worked very well.
I have these VS Code extensions:
I have seen many of the top Roblox developers say that Rojo has helped them increase their efficiency and productivity, but so far it hasn’t seemed any better for me. So here is my question: what are some of the best VS Code extensions to use with Roblox scripting?


The strength of rojo for us comes from project management. Because we have multiple scripters on team, we use Github projects to sync with ROBLOX, with rojo as the middleman. This allows for branching and other features that maintain a quality project among multiple developers.

If you are a lone programmer on a project, this effect is not present (although i still highly recommend VSCode over roblox’s script editor.)

I’d look into TabNine and VS IntelliCode. I use both of these and it helps massively with workflow.


Thanks! I got both of those plugins. TabNine is amazing, I barely even have to type anymore.

This isn’t an extension, but the built-in Git functionality and Github Desktop are both super helpful for my development.


is there a plugin that converts a .rbxm of a script hierarchy into file

I don’t think so. I just manually copied and pasted all of my scripts.

This is somewhat late, but you can do this with @Kampfkarren’s rbxlx-to-rojo program here.

I know this is late but I rely heavily on extensions. Here are some of the extensions that I use. These are organized in order of usage.

Roblox LSP - Provides Roblox Lua autocorrect.

TabNine - Uses AI to autocomplete code.

Roblox API Explorer - Allows me to access the Roblox API inside the editor without having to leave VSC.

GitLens - Allows me to use source and version control. I can easily view snippets of code that I saved (leaderstats, events, etc) as well as compare and revert to previous versions of my code.

Indent Rainbow & Indenticator - Adds contrasts to my indents so I can tell how much a line is indented.

Prettier - Formats my code by removing extra spaces and formats indents.

Project Manager - Allows me to switch between projects in my file system.

Color Highlight - Highlights color values with the color of the value (RGB, Hex, etc) so I know what color a certain value is without having to search it up.