Good wall Texture?

So I’m making this room and I noticed that the walls look bland without any texture. What type of texture or what texture do you think looks good? I’m a beginner and don’t know much about texturing.

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Here i think you could use a prop on one of the walls, maybe two or three.
But in terms of texture, if it’s supposed to be a house you could try slate texture.

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My knowledge on textures is pretty limited, by I like to look on different websites for textures if it’s a build I’m passionate about. There are many, but one I use is Poliigon. They have free, and purchasable options, but I often find the free ones fine. There are plenty of other sites, but you can also try looking on the toolbox for asset packs. One I find useful is this Asset Pack, Although I’m not sure if this is the original owner, It has plenty of options! For the walls I’d suggest looking for a wallpaper, or an interior concrete sort of texture.

I kind of went on a tangent, but I hope this helps for any future texturing questions you have. Although not always the case, the toolbox does have many useful resources, especially with texture packs featuring numerous styles. Hoped I help, and your build looks great!