GoodWeld Lite - An alternative to QPerfectionWeld

GoodWeld Lite allows you to weld hundreds if not, thousands of parts in 3 simple clicks! (make sure to group everything before use) You can get the model here: or typing GoodWeld Lite in the toolbox. [make sure to turn on show unverified creators]


This model does not use the weld object, but the new WeldConstraint object.

[keep in mind this is only the first version of this plugin and stuff might break, report it in this post, or if you just have suggestions.]

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I saw that the script icon isn’t even yours, lol.

And, the first thing I see is that you don’t want it to be used?

In my opinion, alternatives to good resources should be just as good, but fit different or more use cases, or provide more functionality and flexibility. This script does none of that.

This would be better than QPerfectionWeld if it was a plugin, so that no scripts need to run.


Ey There, Buckaroo!

Just kidding, it’s just the creator’s name is funny to me

Agreed, It’s not difficult to make plugins

This model was made for fun and not for actual use cases. Sorry for any incovenience, but hey atleast it is good.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want it to be used. I just recommend it for some use cases that it’s not possible with GoodWeld Lite.

and I don’t even know if this alternative is useless

also forgot to mention but I found it through @Daw588’s plugin