Google Plus Share Icon Severely Outdated


Simply put, the Google Plus share icon is outdated, since 2015, and the icon is shown on any game or asset.


It’d be nice if it was just updated to the new share icon.

does anyone even use these buttons


Google Share is used by basically no one, which might be the reason why it’s so outdated (no one took the time to actually like a it).


Should be removed waste of space.


I completely forgot those existed.

Those buttons are that irrelevant


The google+ share button should be depreciated and replaced with something more relevant, like a discord or reddit share button.


Replaced with a ROBLOX Share button :wink:


I don’t remember a time that I’ve used any of those share buttons. Like others suggested, it’d be nice if it were updated with more cough relevant apps. I understand twitter, but the others are just unneeded. I’m not even too sure what Google+ does to be completely honest.


Since the beginning of Google+, I only ever met one person who used it, and he stopped using it after a few months.

Would be best to remove it IMO


With recent news coming out that Google+ is shutting down…


Wrap it up boys, we’re done here.

The platform is staying till August 2019, so probably best to remove it as soon as possible to prevent any difficulties in the future.






I use the FB button sometimes …


I vote they replace it with a far more relevant Instagram button!


Looks like they’ve removed the Google Plus button entirely.


It also appears that it has been removed from the settings page, but the icon still appears on profiles that had their Google Plus information filled out before this change. This will probably be changed once the service shuts down in April.