Gore System for One-Mesh Characters?

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I was on another experiment in Roblox Studio and I wanted to make a Gore System (not for default Roblox Rigs) for a rig I made in Blender. Now, sure, I can use UnionAsync to cut open parts. But I wanna cut MeshParts, to get that realism instead of just making loads of characters with differently damaged bodies and then switching them, cuz even if I have 3 wound styles, I’d have to make 7 separate rigs

Suppose I have wounds a, b and c, then I’d have to make different rigs for each of the following groups:
ca and

which is a lot of work, considering if it was for zombies, which are diverse in kinds. What way would you suggest to make these kinds of “wounds” or breaking of a bodypart, but of a Mesh? I know meshparts aren’t supported in negation and unions, but any other ideas?

You could possibly use mesh deformation to bend the skin layer out of shape, although I think skinning meshes is still in Beta and I’ve never used it.

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gore is bannable right? This text will be blurred

um, there are forum posts on that :smiley: there’s already a lot of gore in Roblox. Anyway i was just curious

yes and no, Its allowed but you have to set a warning I think

Yes I plan to add a warning so that younger members can play

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