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Hello, I’m gospodindev and I’m a 17-year-old Ukrainian game designer, UGC creator, builder. At the moment I am studying at the university. I like to create 3D models and design game locations, gradually I strive to improve my skills and gain extensive knowledge. At the moment I work alone, self-taught. Every day I try to educate myself and others more who I meet on my way.

My Talent hub profile.

Current games I'm working on:
  1. [:trophy:] Citadel of Champions
    Game link.

2.:skull:NEW! Deadly Cellars Obby!
Game link.

Past games I've worked on:
  1. Sunny Island! [BETA]
    Game link.

I am able to make any low poly 3D models + texturing to order or create Roblox GFX according to the requirements.

My previous Ugc works:

Frozen Snowman:

Icy Shades / Red melodyphones:

My timezone is - Central European Time (CET). Due to studies and part-time jobs, I am free only in the evenings and at night. I prefer to work at night on weekends. In the summer it is much more free, as well as on holidays.

The prices for my services are negotiable, if you have a specific idea of what I should do for you, then you are obliged to specify all your preferences when specifying all the details. Payment will be made either before work or after the work performed, judging by the size of the order and the complexity of its implementation. If the order is canceled or any conflict occurs, the funds will be sent back to you.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via all of the following:
Twitter: twitter.com/gospodindev (I will answer within 24 hours.)
Discord: gospodindev#0001 (I will answer within 24 hours.)
GMail: gospodindev@gmail.com (Not very often used.)
Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

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