Got a follow notification "from Roblox" on a completely unrelated post

I just got a notification from “Roblox” (whom I do follow):


However, when I click the notification, it leads to this completely unrelated reply to the post, and Roblox didn’t create the reply nor even the post itself:

I also have the “Community” sub-cat muted, but I’m not sure if this would make any difference.

I got the notification at 3:48PM EST on 6/29/21


This exact same thing happened to me.

I saw Roblox replying where it shows who’s replying to the topic, got the notification, and was very confused. Weird.

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Update: this was probably human error, as the notification has been removed. An official reply would be appreciated, however.



It seems like reply #13 of that topic has been removed, because it directs me to the 12th topic.

And the topic directly below it was #14

I find this very strange; do you remember being directed to a different reply instead of reply #12?

No, when I clicked the notification I was redirected to @CrashFacts’ reply (which was numbered reply #13 at the time).

Can you still reproduce this? Can you provide more details for us to investigate?

Let me know if this case happened again after the initial case you saw, any extra repro details would be appreciated here.

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Personally I haven’t had this happen again. I don’t know much about the situation other than I got the notification, and the post didn’t lead to anything Roblox ever did.

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Thanks for letting me know, in that case I’ll consider this resolved and you can file the report again if you happen to find out clear repro steps to make it occur.

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