Got a warning for this item of clothing... why?

Here is a piece of clothing I uploaded to the Roblox catalog:

This was named “lawfulban - commission”

It was a commission for a user named “LawfulBan”, they asked for a shirt with their ign on it.

I got a warning because this shirt was inappropriate… can anyone tell me why? I am honestly stumped.


Could be the word “ban”, or could be because the solid color could make it seem like the player isn’t wearing any clothes.

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It may be the word ban…

I don’t think it would be because of solid colors because I have uploaded many shirts that use solid colors and there are countless examples of this in the catalog.

You can send a message to Mod Review Requests for it.

Have you tried uploading it under another name or making an unnoticeable change?


Try uploading it again? Could have been a mistake.

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Its likely because the word “unlawful” is too hard to read.

“All text in uploaded images must be clearly visible to Roblox moderators. Images with tiny, unclear, or unreadable text will be blocked from upload.”



When a shirt has been marked as bad by a moderator, any shirt uploaded that is the same as the one marked as bad will be deleted by default.

At least, this is my experience.

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You could try changing the title name or make an edit on the shirt. But this is just a theory.

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Fair enough, but there are plenty of examples of cursive writing on roblox. My warning was for inappropriate content, not fuzzy text.

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For my game I needed a T-short with a name “Slave”… it was a part of the story in the game… The Character supposed to find new clothing a little bit late. This item was not approved by Roblox, too. The Community Rules do not clearly state the reason about it.

I think that putting the word “slave” on a shirt is different from my situation…

In your situation, you could be implying that the player is a slave, which is quite insensitive.


Well, we all know roblox’s asset moderation system is quite bad, so there’s nothing surprising about people getting warned/banned for uploading a perfectly normal thing. Most safe way would be uploading stuff from an alt account to prevent your main from being unfairly banned.