Got bored and made this Game

I got bored and wanted to play around with Characters and Interactions.
The game is Single-Player and PC only and just a prototype.

If you have ideas for a story or how to turn it into a full game, let me know.


It is actually a good perfect game. the designs are cool!


That was really fun and well made. Iā€™d love to see it turn into a full game.

I just added Controller Support but have no actual Xbox, if you have one and want to give feedback that would be very appreciated.

I also added a small Main Menu, just the Play Button is working currently, took me a while to fix some engine bugs and find workarounds so feedbacks and bug reports would be nice ^^

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I will try your game with my Xbox controller and let you know if there are any issues.

The controller worked fine. It is hard to see the white dot when the light is off. But I did not have any issues removing the dirt, boxes, or paint.